As a fully integrated engineering firm, Meinhardt’s large and diverse pool of in-house experts for each building type are ideally suited to deliver the varied and often contrasting demands of such projects to accommodate multiple facility uses.

Mixed-use is a form of integrated and pedestrian-friendly development that typically combines two or more uses, including residential, commercial, and institutional.

Mixed-use developments are attractive business propositions as tenants will have more foot traffic from consumers, making tenant attraction easier. Portfolio risk is diversified across different property types which makes it less susceptible to disruptive forces that affected single-use properties for example standalone office spaces which have lost business as a result of the sharing economy.

With the increase in demand, governments are supporting through accommodative zoning regulations while lenders are increasingly accepting this as a good form of investment as it offers risk diversification. Financial REITs and real estate players are also increasing their focus on mixed-use developments.

  • Civil & Structural
  • Façade
  • Fire Safety
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
  • Project Management & Construction Management
  • Sustainability & ESD Designs
There has been an increased demand for mixed-use developments in the last few years. Consumers are finding integrated urban-lifestyle centers that help them “live, shop, work and play” appealing. This lifestyle preference is not coming just from millennials, but also from older generations, who want to live in walkable and well-connected urban locale.

Meinhardt fully understands the dynamics of this ever-involving sector and has the engineering and financial expertise to help developers design, build and finance such developments.

Our financial services include financial advisory, transaction structuring, consortium building and capital raising.

Let our engineers and financial advisors help you make sense of this emerging building segment and shape your investment plans.