As the global energy sector undergoes transformational changes amid continued depressed oil prices and changes in energy consumer behavioural / utilisation patterns, energy providers across the entire value chain are reinventing themselves by tapping on renewable energy and alternative fuels to remain relevant.

Everywhere in the industrialised world, the electric power and utility sector finds itself pulled to economize and pushed to innovate — two goals that might seem to conflict, but that are actually in harmony. If you are in the power and utility sector, the challenge you face is to close the demand gap and provide value for customers profitably.

At Meinhardt, we provide planning, engineering and project management services for the energy sector ranging from power generation to transmission and distribution, to storage. We help building owners optimise their energy consumption through innovative building designs and physics, microclimate control, mechanical & electrical, lighting and façade solutions.

Projects Type
  • Bioenergy Plant
  • Building
  • District Cooling System
  • Multi Utilities Complex
  • Petrochemical Pipeline
  • Power Co-Generation Plant
  • Power Station
  • Rock Cavern Storage Facility
  • Solar Farm
  • Transmission Tower
  • Waste to Energy Plant
  • Wind Farm