Provision of facilities and an environment that promotes learning and creativity is at the heart of progress in any society.

Disruption in the world of business due to technology and new business models has had an upstream effect on educationists around the world as they prepare students for the brave new world.

In line with these changes, several trends in education worldwide are changing the game for education providers. These include the increasing use of project-based learning, cross collaboration between different academic disciplines while trying to keep operating costs and fees down and the increasing popularity of E-learning. M&E systems have to become more robust to keep up with increased power requirements as a result of IT servers and data centers. They also have to be easily scalable and nimble to factor in future technological advancements.

Whether you are trying to create Technology Enabled Active Learning classrooms, flexible classroom spaces that are easily reconfigurable or breakout spaces that appeal to millennials, you can count on Meinhardt’s years of experience working with education institutions to stay one step ahead of the curve.

Contact us today and let our cross functional engineering, design, faced and lighting teams work with you to create the education campus of the future.

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Current pedagogical methods at the college level emphasise problem-based learning and collaboration among students over the traditional lecture format. Experiential learning has taken centre stage in many learning institutions around the world. Working on group projects is believed to promote better retention of knowledge than the traditional lecture model, researchers are finding. So, classrooms must change to meet these new demands.
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